13th District Democratic Party

The Exciting Work of the 13th District

Written by Roger Cooper on Monday, January 15, 2018

The 13th District is extremely pleased and excited to announce all of the work that has been accomplished and is in progress by the newly completed board. Firstly, we have established a bank account which has allowed us to access previously acquired funds. Our work continued by enriching connections among the members of the District Executive Committee by having regular phone conversations and attending county meetings and events. We have furthered increased our social media presence by constantly updating our Facebook and creating a Instagram and Twitter which can be followed at NC13district. Our online presence is being assisted by coordinating with a webmaster who has made us a website which can be visited at NC13democrats.com. We are constructing trainings that will aid into help counties become proficient in Vote Builder and social media. The planning for the district convention has began, and it will be held on . The board is pleased to announce that we had first meeting, and it went effortlessly. These first two weeks have been full of action and progress. More work is coming, and we are excited that you have embarked on this journey with us.

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