13th District Democratic Party

Party Elects New and Young Leaders

Written by Roger Cooper on Saturday, January 6, 2018

We are thrilled to have elected, to the office of Chair, a good Democrat and a great leader, Roger Cooper. Roger, who is now the youngest District Party Chair in the North Carolina Democratic Party at age 19, was raised in Greensboro and represents the next generation of Democratic Party leaders. Democrats across the district are proud to work with him to help lead us forward in 2018.

In addition, Sheree Simon of Greensboro, was elected to serve as our new Secretary. Sheree has previously served her county as chair of her precinct and is an active leader with the UNC-Greensboro College Democrats. Sheree is the youngest District Party Secretary in the North Carolina Democratic Party. They join a board that is ready to work and is looking with optimism towards the future. The First Vice Chair (Aron Johnson, age 22), Second Vice Chair (Tricia Stevens, of Iredell County), Third Vice Chair (Billie Porter, of Davidson County), and the Treasurer (Alice Mitchell, of Rowan County). We believe this is the team that will lead us in our effort to send our Congressman, Ted Budd, packing. After one term of failing to listen and a refusal to fight for the real concerns of his constituents here in the district we are here to tell Ted Budd that the clock is ticking.

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