13th District Democratic Party

The 13th Congressional District of North Carolina stretches across some of the most beautiful and diverse territory in the state, from the fast-paced streets of Greensboro, North Carolina's third-largest city, all the way to quiet, scenic Statesville, nestled just east of the Carolina foothills. The 13th is a home to good, honest folks, to incredible history and culture, and to the best barbecue in the whole country. And whether they live in Mocksville or Lexington, High Point or Salisbury, the people of the 13th District know that they deserve a better deal from Raleigh and from Washington.

As the 13th District Democratic Party, our mission is to elect representatives to our government that embody progressive and Democratic values, who will ensure that those good, honest folks are represented by people who will fight for them, not for the 1% and lobbyists. The North Carolina State Toast declares this the land “where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great” — so you could say that a government that gives everyone a fighting chance is a Carolina value. Ted Budd is not the right person to represent that value. But we cannot turn our district blue without your help. Donate today to support our efforts and help flip the 13th. We are the 13th District Democrats.